Mobile Telephone

When I first began visiting Russia, one of my Russian friends gave me some sound advice…


This was, and still is, very good advice… even if you have a mobile telephone that will roam in Moscow…

* Roaming in Russia with your home-country telephone is VERY expensive!
* Your local Moscow friends will hesitate to call or SMS an international number.
* You may receive calls from your home country that are irrelevant and unimportant, but the call will still cost you as a roaming international call!
* You may want to make a local call in an emergency and it may be difficult, if not impossible, just when you need quick action!

The Moscow STAR mobile telephones are current GSM models with local Moscow numbers. All phones are fully equipped for SMS and local calling. Or, you may choose to use just our SIM card with the local Moscow number in your own “unlocked” GSM mobile telephone. (NOTE: Most GSM phones in the USA are “locked” and will not work with another service’s SIM card. You may want to see if it can be unlocked before you depart.)

If you reserve and pay for the mobile telephone package prior to your arrival, you’ll receive a local Moscow telephone number before you leave for Moscow, AND your mobile telephone will be waiting for you in your apartment when you arrive.

Other than the rental charge, you’ll only pay for your actual time and charges. This usage is an actual charge from the mobile service provider and is not marked up by Moscow STAR.

Please note that the mobile telephones will receive incoming international calls, but are not equipped for international roaming or international direct dial outgoing calls. You may use the phones to dial local access numbers for outgoing international calls.

Of course, you may order your telephone after you arrive in Moscow, but to be pre-assigned a Moscow number, and to be guaranteed availability, you may wish to pre-order your mobile telephone.

If you want to begin using your telephone immediately after your arrival, please click HERE to order your telephone with credit on the phone, $10 minimum.


Up to 3 days $30
7 days $35
14 days $40
21 days $50
30 days $60